Just opened a box from middle school. #lavalamp


Dinner out with my lovely fiancé. #sanfrancisco #ferrybuilding (at San Francisco Ferry Building)

6ferrybuilding, sanfrancisco,

Opener. #greencollar #goas (at O.co Coliseum)

6goas, greencollar,

Ferocious beast.

Lafayette hike. (at Briones Regional Park)

Michelle planted these! @lafieldstreats #nofilter


Michelle planted these! @lafieldstreats

Thanks for letting us crash your cafe Papillon! (at Papillon Quality Gourmet Coffees)

Apple sells 5% of PCs world-wide, makes 45% of the profit f

Stock price is falling while revenue continues to rise. What is the great innovator’s future?

Tough Mudder! at Tough Mudder – View on Path.

At SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa

At SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa – See on Path.

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